Storing and making architectural plans and drawings both tidy and accessible has normally been the domain of the plan chest though the clamping system offers a more economical alternative with faster access.

Plan Trolley

plan clamp trolley

Available for A0, A1 and A2 paper sizes.

A0 1000 Mobile

With a maximum capacity of 1000 sheets (Model A0 2000 can hold 2000 plans) the A0 1000 mobile trolley is ideal for small drawing offices. Capable of holding 10 Planhorse clamps of up to A0 in size. Also suitable for B1 clamps.

Clamps supplied separately

Paper Size – A0
Capacity – 1000 sheets
Construction – Tubular Steel
5 Year Guarantee

A1 1000 Mobile

a1 1000 plans mobile

Hold up to 1000 A1 drawings securely with the A1 1000 Planhorse mobile trolley.

The single front-loading system allows you to organise and logically file your projects with easy access retrieval.

Smaller in height than the A0 trolleys, the A1 1000 may hold up to 10 plan clamps (1000 sheets of A1 paper). Also suitable for A2 paper.


Clamps supplied separately – please see below

Also available to hold up to 2000 plans

A2 4000 Mobile

a2 4000 plans mobile

A2 paper storage frame to hold up to 4000 A2 plans or CAD drawings. Constructed from tubular steel, this fully mobile frame is designed for up to 40 Planhorse A2 plan clamps.

Also available to hold 2000 drawings / plans.

Plans and Drawings Wall Racks

wallrack for plans and drawings

Wall Racks let you make the best use of space when dealing with large format drawings.

Models exit for 500, 1000 amd 2000 sheets and they can be installed together to give various capabilities whilst not using any floorspace.

plan wallrack 2000

Plan Clamps

plan and drawing clamps

As well as the trolleys and wall racks you will need the innovative plan and drawing clamps.

Ideal for site office or drawing offices, everything from archiving to reviewing plans on a daily basis, the Plan system lets you organise and group all your drawings.

Features of the Plan clamp system

  • Available in A0, A1 and A2 sizes
  • Capacity – 100 Sheets per clamp
  • Colour – White clamp, black handle
  • Front Loading
  • Integrated Carrying Handle
  • Spring Loaded Jaw
  • 10 Year Guarantee