Planchests and Drawing Cabinets

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We offer a wide range of Planchests and Drawing Cabinets for storage and archival. The planchests and drawing cabinets are functional, eye catching and cost-effective. The steel or wood planchests are available in A0, A1 and A2 sizes. The filing units are fully lockable and fitted with an anti-tilt mechanism and as they are manufactured here in the UK you can customise the colour And the sizes to suit.

Super Steel Horizontal Plan Chests

A0 8 Drawer

Due to their inherent strengths and durability these Super cabinets are very popular in education .

Available sizes

  • A0 x 10 Drawer
  • A0 x 8 Drawer
  • A0 x 6 Drawer
  • A1 x 10 Drawer
  • A1 x 6 Drawer

With 8 x 83 mm deep drawers running on easy glide nylon skids smooth and quiet action is ensured when sliding the drawers in and out. (Standard drawer depths, special depths on application)

Contrasting brilliantly against any paint finish the chrome finish ‘D’ handles give the drawers both a modern feel and a reassuringly strong touch point when handling the drawer.

The wooden laminated work top provides a resilient and comfortable surface to work against whilst being easy to replace if required.

The drawers can also be fitted with individual locks. Keys can be suited to a single master, or with unique keys for each drawer.

Locking castors can also be specified allowing the cabinets to me mobile depending on your space requirements.

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popular ral colours from merlin

Drawerline steel plan chest

drawerline plan storage

A value engineered all steel plan chest with steel roller drawer action. Fitted with 50 mm deep drawers. The cabinet has one handle per drawer as standard. Sizes A2

Features and Benefits;

  • All Steel Construction
  • Generous A3 Storage
  • Chrome or Plastic Handles
  • Compact Storage
  • Ideal under desk storage
  • Modern looking Cabinet

Nevis Horizontal Plan Chests

Nevis 4 horizontal plan cabinets

This new attractive desk height storage cabinet has been designed to be strong and long lasting but lightweight in construction.

The cabinet comes in a number of configurations to suit all requirements.


  •  High-quality steel construction
  •  Choice of 75 mm and 60 mm drawer internal depths
  •  Heavy-duty roller bearing system to allow up to 50Kg per drawer
  •  80% Drawer extension
  •  Fully locking with Anti-tilt system for user safety
  •  Rear curl on all drawers to prevent damage to artefacts
  •  Available with a choice of Angled Fronts or Flat Fronts with chrome handles
  • Units can be ordered to any RAL colour finish
  •  Plinths and castor bases available for all units
  •  Protective Polyester pockets available for all cabinet sizes


Economy Plan Chest


An attractive planchest at an economical price. Available in A1 and A0 sizes, with a choice of either 6 or 8 drawers. Internal drawer depth is 35mm. Finished in grey, light oak or beech.

A1 6 drawers800 mm1025 mm700 mm
A1 8 drawers800 mm1025 mm700 mm
A0 6 drawers800 mm1385 mm970 mm
A0 8 drawers800 mm1385 mm970 mm

Standard Drawing and Plan Cabinet

vertical-plan-cabinet white open

This high-quality metal cabinet holds up to 1000 drawings depending on paper weight and thickness. The lockable lid features twin gas struts for safety and ease of use. Available in A1 or A0 size, this cabinet is finished in two tone grey or white with other colours available on request. For added stability cabinets must be screwed back to back or fixed to a wall.
A0 Cabinets cans be supplied with either 2 prong or 4 prong configurations and suitable self adhesive planstrips can be supplied in packs of 100 for applying to the drawings to be stored (see planstrip section).
ModelCapacity (sheets)HeightWidthDepth
A1 4 prong10001105mm740mm430mm
A0 4 prong10001380mm920mm430mm
A0 2 prong8001380mm920mm430mm

Plan cabinets or drawing cabinets are essential if you wish to store large plans or drawings – or any large format documents – in a safe and secure manner.

Anti-Tilt Drawing and Plan Cabinet


All the same features as the Standard Cabinet, but with the additional benefit of anti tilt feet which automatically extend and retract when the door is opened and closed, allowing the cabinet to be freestanding.

Finished in two-tone grey or white with other colours available on request.

A0 Cabinets cans be supplied with either 2 prong or 4 prong configurations and suitable self adhesive planstrips (See below)can be supplied in packs of 100 for applying to the drawings to be stored.

ModelCapacity (sheets)HeightWidthDepth
A0 4 prong10001380mm920mm430mm
A0 2 prong8001380mm920mm430mm

Industrial Planfile


The most economical way to store drawings. Stores up to 800 sheets depending on paper weight and thickness. Finished in grey, although other colours are available on request, it is available in A0 size with 4 prongs.  For added stability the unit should be fixed to the floor or wall.

Self adhesive planstrips can be supplied in packs of 100 for applying to the drawings to be stored (see planstrip section).

ModelCapacity (sheets)HeightWidthDepth
A0 4 prong8001460mm960mm460mm

Traditional Planchest


This quality planchest is designed to hold large quantities of drawings.

Available in A1 and A0 sizes.

Option of 6 drawers or 9 drawers with a generous internal drawer depth.

Finished in Grey or Light Oak (picture shown is Oak 6 drawer version)


A1 6 drawer710mm1000mm725mm
A0 6 drawer710mm1300mm965mm
A1 9 drawer1030mm1000mm725mm
A0 9 drawer1030mm1300mm965mm

Planchests (sometimes refered to as plan chests or plan-chests) are useful ways to store large plans and drawings, or any large format documents, up to A0.

Metal Planchest including plinth


A high performance lockable five drawer or ten drawer metal planchest with steel roller bearing drawer runners.

Available in A1 or A0 sizes, with the internal drawer dimensions of:

A1 version          1030mm wide x 730mm deep x 55mm high

A0 version          1300mm wide x 920mm deep x 55mm high

The planchest is painted white as standard, with other colours available to order.

A1 5 drawer550mm1130mm795mm
A0 5 drawer550mm1400mm965mm
A1 10 drawer970mm1130mm795mm
A0 10 drawer970mm1400mm965mm

Height includes a 150mm plinth.

Recent images of the A1 10 Drawer with 95% opening.



As these units are manufactured here in the UK we can offer a special service along with a wide range of different colours with some of the popular ones shown below.

popular ral colours for UK manufacturing


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