The plastic container trucks with handles are a new addition to the many trucks and trolleys already supplied by Merlin Industrial Products. Designed to help in manual handling and to offer the additional safety benefits from a higher handle and moulded well for clipboards and paperwork so that the operator does not need to bend over.

Mobile Trucks with Handles

With manual handling now becoming increasingly important in the workplace, we have introduced this Mobile Truck Handle which offers several benefits:

  • Improves the posture for the operator
  • Greater manoeuvrability with heavy loads
  • Manufactured from tough, food approved polyethylene
  • Easily cleaned
  • Built in pocket provides space for clipboard, electronics and various tools
  • Available from stock in red, blue, and non food grade recycled black
  • The handles can be fitted to models RB0227, RB0317 and RB0412
  • Raises height of operation to around 910mm

The Black plastic truck model is manufactured using recycled plastic and is not food grade plastic truck with handle black

Blue food grade plastic truck with handle and storage

mobile plastic truck with handle blue

Red food grade plastic truck with handle and storage

mobile plastic truck with handle red


  • The RB0999 handle adds 240 mm to the overall height of the trucks as listed below.
  • The handle weighs 2.5 kg
  • Temperature range, like the trucks is -20 to +60 degrees celsius
  • Material medium duty polyethylene
  • All colours Apart from recycled Black are food safe.

RB0999 Plastic Handle and basket

RB0999 handle close up



External Dims at top

(lxwxheight mm)

Internal Dims at top

(lxwxheight mm)







RB0227830 x 455 x 760770 x 395 x 655200104 X 3″ SWIVEL
RB03171100 x 690 x 695890 x 570 x 560320152 X 4″ FIXED & 2 X 4″ SWIVEL
RB04121400 x 770 x 7851240 x 620 x 660455202 X 4″ FIXED & 2 X 4″ SWIVEL