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Plastic Drum Accessories

BT50 plastic drum tray

The standard steel drum with a capacity of 205 litres is how a lot of companies receive the chemicals that they need for manufacturing or maintenence.  We have added several plastic accessories that will help prevent or trap spillages and make using the steel drums easier especially outside where a lot of the drums are situated. We also have a few accessories for the IBC tanks.

BT50 Plastic Drum Tray

A tough and durable drum drip tray ideal for standing 205 litre drums in, to catch drips and spills caused during filling or dispensing. It is also suitable for storing lead acid batteries and has a 50 litre capacity.


Diameter870 mm Ø
Height190 mm
Weight5 kg
Sump50 ltr


DL1 Plastic Cone Cover

DL1 conical drum top

The DL1 cone cover is designed to keep the drum dry so that when you need to fill or empty the top is not filled full of water.

Diameter650 mm
Height70 mm
Weight2 kg


DL2 Plastic Drum Cover

DL2 Drum Plastic cap

Simple and cost effective the DL2, 205 litre steel drum cover keeps the water, snow and mostly everything else out so that when you go to use it the top of your drum is dry. Slightly smaller that the DL1 so slightly cheaper.

Diameter630 mm
Height160 mm
Weight2 kg


DF1 Plastic Funnel

DF1 Large capacity plastic funnel for steel drums

Shown with the optional plastic drum tray the funnel and lid offer and easier and therefore less wasteful way of filling the 205 litre steel drum as well as protecting the drum from the elements.

An extra-large capacity funnel with integrated hinged lid, high sides and ribbed surface to allow filters etc. to drain; it is fitted with a metal debris strainer and the  funnel sits over the rim of the drum and is therefore suitable for use with both open or closed head 205 litre drums.

Size:610 mm Ø x 230 mm H
Strainer:46 mm Ø stainless steel with 12 x 5 mm Ø drainage holes
Height230 mm
Weight4 kg


BT75 Plastic Funnel for closed steel drums

BT75 B large plastic funnel

Rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene this funnel comes with a debris strainer, its spout locates into the 50mm opening in the drum allowing spill free decanting. The additional Plug shown below also adds to the usefullness of this accessory.

Diameter870 mm
Height240 mm
Weight5 kg
Sump Capacity50 litres


BT75 Funnel Plug


For use with the BT75 plastic drum funnel shown above.

A plug (chain not included) designed to allow you to seal the funnel (BT75) and to utilise it as a dip tank to clean contaminated parts in.

DF200 IBC Plastic Funnel & Lid

DF200 IBC funnel and Lid


This IBC funnel with lid (As with the steel drum model) and integral debris strainer makes it easy to collect and decant liquids. Manufactured from 100% polyethylene it has broad chemical compatibility and is very robust and easy to clean.

Diameter640 mm
Height150 mm
Weight4 kg

BB1T IBC Overflow Chamber

BB1T IBC accessory decanting

This overflow/decanting tray is designed for use with IBC spill pallets BB1 and BB1C. It helps to prevent leaks and drips from reaching the floor or entering drains. Once full liquid from the overflow tray runs into the main sump for additional safety. Please note that we cannot guarantee this will work with other IBC stands.

Length525 mm
Width545 mm
Height835 mm
Weight8.5 kg
Capacity86 litres