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Plastic Pallets

CPP878 CABKA-IPS pallet range

Plastic pallets are now a requirement in the food industry and provide a storage base that can be continually used and cleaned.  Plastic pallets are also lighter than the timber versions and allow for a wide range of applications such as storage on racking and a range of nesting pallets are also available to reduce storage space when not in use.


Packpal does everything the traditional wooden pallet does. And more. The 100% recyclable design is light but strong. Made to cope with the rigours of the intense environment of the warehouse and supply chain. Built to withstand clumsy handling by forklift. In all weathers.

Empty pallets with nine feet nest to 62% of overall height, saving valuable space on return transport (one stack with 34 nested pallets measures less than two metres). And Packpal pallets with six perimeter runners can be used for racking evenly distributed loads of up to 700kg.

  •     Hygienic design to food industry standards
  •     Won’t rot, warp or absorb moisture
  •     Extreme load-bearing
  •     RFID ready
  •     Improved health and safety to reduce risk of injury

Wooden pallets cannot be used in clean room environments for sanitary reasons and are subject to stringent ISPM15 heat treatment regulations for exporting between certain countries. The New CABKA-IPS 878 PO and CABKA-IPS 888 PO can be loaded directly into white production areas for shipping overseas in one smooth and simple process, as they are resistant to insects, dust and bacterial contaminants and are completely exempt from ISPM15 regulations.

For Belgian pharmaceutical conglomerate Merck, eliminating wooden pallets from its logistics operation and introducing the CABKA-IPS 878 PO has allowed the company to achieve a cleaner, smoother and more economical production line.