Plastic Roll Cages and Plastic Linen distribution trolleys – A major innovation in the hygienic transportation of laundry. Plastic roll cages do not rust and provide a valuable alternative to the standard steel and chrome wire cages currently used. Quiet in operation they are very popular in hospitals and other medical establishments.

 Designed with health & safety in mind the units are a snag free, one piece plastic moulding that offers an easy clean, rust-free cage that can be produced in a range of colours for segregation purposes.

plastic roll cages

Features depending on model include:

  • Rear kick plate to help the operative tilt the cage
  • Air vent holes allow the linen to breathe
  • Hand holes located on three sides. Rear hand holes making it easier to manoeuvre in tight areas
  • Solid or transparent covers with optional screen printing
  • The document pouch included in cover
  • Company logo can be incorporated into plastic body & cover
  • Variations to the cage are readily made, for example, extra / fewer hand or ventilation holes. Castors can be made to meet customers’ specifications utilising nylon, non-marking or polyurethane; fixed or swivel; with or without brakes.

Please find some of the popular models below along with the dimensions.

IDC239x plastic rollcage

IDC293 plastic rollcage

IDC329 plastic roll cage

lc311m plastic rollcage

LC311 plastic rollcage

lc328 plastic rollcage

LC333 plastic rollcages

lc411 plastic rollcage

LC 414 plastic rollcage

LC503 plastic rollcage

LC505 plastic rollcage

The models shown also represent some colours of plastics available, though these can be moulded in a wide range of colours to match corporate colours or to define different areas.

Please contact us with the delivery address and quantity so that we can price.

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