Polyethylene Work Shed

plastic job hut

Outdoor Chemical storage has never been so practical…or so affordable! If access, efficiency, and a large storage area are what you need then the Job and Hazard huts could be your answer.

Model 4010-YE Plastic Hut

An extra large surface area allows for storage of eight (8) 55-gallon drums right on their pallets!

The low profile design allows for easy access, and is forkliftable from all sides for effortless handling.

Job Hut features newly-enhanced doors and lock provide added strength and security.

Tough polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode while UV inhibitors make the Job Hut™ shrug off UV radiation

Extra durable for outdoor use. A large 272 Litres sump capacity eliminates the risk of spills or leaks and structural foam grates remove for easy cleaning. Moulded-in vents reduce fumes and condensation inside, and heavy-duty hinges with lock keep contents secure.

The Job Hut™ offers substantial savings when compared to similar metal or concrete storage buildings, while providing superior performance. The optional ramp facilitates loading your drums into the unit. Safe, secure, and cost-effective; One piece–no assembly!

  • 100% polyethylene with UV inhibitors for increased durability
  • Three removable structural foam grates hold 3,629 kg Handling Capacity weight
  • Low profile design allows for easy access. Extra-wide 1447 mm x 1981mm high doorway allows for easy forklift entry
  • 4-way forkliftable design for ease in handling
  • Newly-enhanced! Heavy duty, double-walled doors and lock for added security
  • Built-in 272 litres sump capacity
  • Can be tied down for exposed areas



job hut ramp

Model 5111-BK

Load drums in a cinch with the Multi-Purpose Work Ramp™. Lightweight and easy to handle, ramp attaches to the Job Hut™ in a snap! Improved non-skid surface eliminates risk of slipping.

Features a 10° slope for easy loading. Also compatible with our other workstations

Weight 13.5 kg Load Capacity 454 kg


Hazard Hut

Hazard plastic hut

Model 4000-YE

When floor space is at a premium indoors, take your hazardous materials outdoors with the Hazard Hut. One-piece moulded 100% polyethylene construction means there are no joints or seams to leak. Molded-in side vents reduce fumes, while UV protection makes it a durable performer outside. Removable grates make it easy to clean and the 72-gallon (275 litres) sump capacity ensures leak and spill containment.

Hazard plastic hut insides

Security is no problem. The double doors provide easy access for up to four 55-gallon (208 litre) drums while their double-wall construction, heavy-duty hinges and lock latches keep contents secure. Four-way forkliftable design makes the Hazard Hut easy to handle.

Hazard plastic hut ramp

Door Opening 41.5″ W x 48.5″ H


Massive sump has removable structural foam grates for easy cleaning.


EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC, NPDES, UFC



External Length

63.5 in. / 161 cm.


Internal Length

68 in. / 173 cm.


External Width

72.5 in. / 184 cm.


Internal Width

53.75 in. / 137 cm.


External Height

53.75 in. / 137 cm.


Internal Height

52.25 in. / 133 cm.


Door Opening Width

41.5 in. / 105 cm.


Door Opening Height

48.5 in. / 123 cm.



269 lbs. / 121.8 kg.


Load Capacity

4000 lbs. / 1814 kg.


Spill Capacity

72 gal. / 275.5 L

Product Options:

Hazard Hut Poly-Ramp

Job Hut™

Multi-Purpose Work Ramp

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