Precision Scales for accurate weight measurements down to 0.001g with memory store capability so deviations from the stored measurements can be recognised.

Standard Precision Scales

  • Weighing sum memory adds single weighing results
  • Weighing with tolerance range (Check weighing)
  • Percentage determination: makes it possible to store a given weight value (100%) and to determine deviations from this target value.
  • Ring-shaped glass draught shield as standard on all models with weighing plate size [A]. Removable metal cover with pipette opening. Weighing space Ø 150 mm, height 50 mm.
  • Rechargeable battery pack internal, standard. Operating time approx. 35 hours, charging time approx. 10 hours.
Model KERN PLE 200-3
Readout d0,001 g
Weighing range Max200 g
Min. piece weight at counting1 mg
Reproducibility0,002 g
Linearity± 0,003 g
Model KERN PLE 2000-2
Readout d0,01 g
Weighing range Max2000 g
Min. piece weight at counting1 mg
Weighing plate mmrectangular, 145×125 mm
Reproducibility0,02 g
Linearity± 0,03 g