A1 1500 Flip Top Reversible Desk

£602.00 Ex VAT £722.40 Incl.VAT

  • A1 1500 Flip Top Reversible Desk.
  • Parallel Motion Type Cross-wire.
  • Frame Style Grey / Cantilever Leg.
  • Table Top 22mm Grey.
  • Paper Size A1 (841mm x 594mm).
  • Board Size 920 x 650mm.
  • Table Dimensions 1500 x 802mm.

A1 1500 Flip Top Reversible Desk

Create the perfect dynamic workspace in your studio with the A1 1500 Flip Top Reversible Desk.

Making the most of your available space; you can bring your full size A1 drawing board in and out of use by simply rotating the centre of the table.

Quickly and easily angle the drawing board in up to 13 different positions to find your perfect drawing setup.

Folding it flat locks the drawing board down to the desk so it remains closed when you rotate the desk to turn your table back into a normal 1500mm wide desk.

The 1500 x 802mm table top provides plenty of desk space even with the drawing board in use.

Featuring a cantilever leg style fully welded steel table frame and a concealable cross-wire drawing board for precise design work.

Desk Specifications:

  • Parallel Motion Type Cross-wire
  • Frame Style Grey / Cantilever Leg
  • Table Top 22mm Grey
  • Paper Size A1 (841mm x 594mm)
  • Board Size 920 x 650mm
  • Table Dimensions 1500 x 802mm
  • Adjustment 13-stage Angle
  • Supplied fully assembled ✓

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