Alpine Tower


Alpine Tower.

3T compatible scaffold tower that is quick and easy to erect.

With 8 different height options.


Alpine Tower

The Alpine is tested & certified to BSEN1004:2004 and is able to fit through a standard doorway offering great mobility which is essential for companies that travel to different work sites.

3T compatible scaffold tower that is quick and easy to erect, saving time and money on each job. It is narrow in width and compact enough to be able to store away quickly and easily. Compact enough to easily fit in most small vans or estate cars.

Available with 8 different platform heights and has quick release pull rings with stainless steel pin on bracings for easy assembly.

Tower Product Specifications:

  • Platform Size: 1800 X 730mm (DxW)
  • Platform Heights: 600mm – 6100mm

Tower Dimensions:

AP0600Z6001800 X 730
AP1600Z16001800 X 730
AP2100Z21001800 X 730
AP3100Z31001800 X 730
AP3600Z36001800 X 730
AP4600Z46001800 X 730
AP5100Z51001800 X 730
AP6100Z61001800 X 730

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Platform Height

Platform Height: 1600mm, Platform Height: 2100mm, Platform Height: 3100mm, Platform Height: 4600mm, Platform Height: 5100mm, Platform Height: 600mm, Platform Height: 6100mm

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