Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen

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Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen.

2 sizes and 16 colours to choose from.

Lead time 3 weeks.


Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen

100% Polyester Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen

Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen

Recycled PET felt is an excellent sustainable option for desk screens because not only is it made from recycled bottles, it has outstanding acoustic ability as well as having anti-microbial properties which reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Available in a great range of colours together with the ability to fold makes this screen an excellent option for storing and transport for using at home or in the office.

Suitable for a variety of workspaces, including: commercial and home offices, classrooms, and libraries


  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Solid colour and smooth finish, no capping required
  • Pinnable surface
  • UV resistant qualities
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install and move
  • Made from compressed 100% polyester felt and does not contain formaldehyde, crystalline silica, or other carcinogens
  • Low VOC – beneficial for IEQ
  • High recycled polyester content
  • Highly durable, assuring long-term stability and performance
  • Huge range of colours available


FS400-(COL)Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen

400mm High Version

1200600400Sold as a Pack of 3 Screens
FS600-(COL)Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screen

600mm High Version

1200600600Sold as a Pack of 2 Screens

Colour Options:

16 colour options

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Lime
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Sky
  • Slate
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yellow


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400mm High, 600mm High


Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Lime Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Slate, Teal, White, Yellow