Anti-Viral Freestanding Desktop Screen

Product Code: SI_Freestanding-Desk-Screen


Anti-Viral Freestanding Desktop Screen.

Height: 680 or 608mm.

Widths: 600, 800, 1000, 1220, 1400, 1600, 1800mm.

Delivery within 10-14 working days.


Anti-Viral Freestanding Desktop Screen

Anti-Viral Freestanding Desktop Screen

As we know, the coronavirus is spread mainly through droplets in the air from sneezes, coughs or just by being in close contact with a carrier.

A screen positioned on a desk or in front of a cash register or counter acts as a barrier to these airborne droplets and protects staff, cashiers, receptionists, amongst others.

PETG is a clear transparent sheet made from thermoplastic polyester. It offers extreme clarity and light transmission in combination with a high gloss surface finish making the barrier between us crystal clear.

The screens have incredible impact resistance, even at low temperatures and are approved for Food Contact applications.

  • A quick and simple solution to your current protection needs.
  • Assembled in seconds and ready to give you the protection that you need.
  • Able to be moved to wherever it is needed instantly.
  • Used for Desktops and Counter tops and within close proximity of the user.


All of our desk top or counter top screens are designed with 3 styles:

  • Plain – With no bottom cut out
  • Cable Notch – With a slot for computer cables to feed through
  • Access Hole – With a larger aperture for use by pharmacists and other retailers,  enabling them to pass through a prescription or purchased product, or at a reception desk where documents need to be transferred. These screen are also proving extremely useful to nails bars and technicians.


PETG-FSTAND-600-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain600 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-600-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch600 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-600-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole600 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-800-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain800 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-800-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch800 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-800-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole800 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1000-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain1000 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-1000-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch1000 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1000-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole1000 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1220-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain1220 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-1220-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch1220 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1220-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole1220 x 5 x 680mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1400-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain1400 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-1400-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch1400 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1400-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole1400 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1600-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain1600 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-1600-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch1600 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1600-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole1600 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1800-PFreestanding Desktop Screen – Plain1800 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)N/A
PETG-FSTAND-1800-CNFreestanding Desktop Screen – Cable Notch1800 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)80 x 20mm (WxH)
PETG-FSTAND-1800-AHFreestanding Desktop Screen – Access Hole1800 x 5 x 608mm (WxDxH)250 x 150mm (WxH)

Feet Dimensions:

  • 600, 800 and 1000mm Width Screens – Feet Dimensions: 200 x 100mm (WxH)
  • 1220, 1400, 1600 and 1800mm Width Screens – Feet Dimensions: 300 x 150mm (WxH)


Please note all Covid related products in this section are manufactured to order to help assist company’s throughout these trying times and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the products being Made To Order, please note they are non-returnable and non-refundable.

If you need any further details please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


1000 x 680mm (WxH), 1220 x 680mm (WxH), 1400 x 608mm (WxH), 1600 x 608mm (WxH), 1800 x 608mm (WxH), 600 x 680mm (WxH), 800 x 680mm (WxH)

Screen Option

Access Hole, Cable Notch, Plain