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Heavy Rivet MFC Shelving


Heavy Rivet MFC Shelving.

Height: 1830mm.

Depths: 610, 762 or 915mm.

Widths: 1830, 2135 or 2440mm.

Delivery 5-7 working days.


Heavy Rivet MFC Shelving

Our Heavy Rivet MFC Shelving offers the same incredible rigidity of our standard model combined with clean, wipe down melamine shelving.

The shelving unit offers incredible shelf loading capacities of up to 500 kg.

The hard wearing edged MFC shelving finish offers additional resilience and is extremely easy to maintain.


RRB/M/18/18/06/41830 x 1830 x 610mm500kg
RRB/M/18/18/07/4 1830 x 1830 x 762mm500kg
RRB/M/18/18/09/4 1830 x 1830 x 915mm500kg
RRB/M/18/21/06/41830 x 2135 x 610mm450kg
RRB/M/18/21/07/41830 x 2135 x 762mm450kg
RRB/M/18/21/09/41830 x 2135 x 915mm450kg
RRB/M/18/24/06/4 1830 x 2440 x 610mm400kg
RRB/M/18/24/07/41830 x 2440 x 762mm400kg
RRB/M/18/24/09/4 1830 x 2440 x 915mm400kg

Colour Options: 

  • Blue uprights and Grey shelves.
  • Blue uprights and Orange shelves


  • 4 shelves per unit.

Heavy Rivet MFC Bays come with four melamine shelf levels as standard. Bay price also includes uprights, plastic feet, face and side beams.

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Heavy Rivet MFC

1830 x 1830 x 610mm, 1830 x 1830 x 762mm, 1830 x 1830 x 915mm, 1830 x 2135 x 610mm, 1830 x 2135 x 762mm, 1830 x 2135 x 915mm, 1830 x 2440 x 610mm, 1830 x 2440 x 762mm, 1830 x 2440 x 915mm

Racking Colour

Blue and Grey, Blue and Orange

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