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Medium Duty Rivet Racking


Medium Duty Rivet Racking.

Height: 1830mm.

Width: 1830mm.

Depths: 305, 457, 610, 762, 915 or 1220mm

Delivery in 5-7 working days.


Medium Duty Rivet Racking

Our Medium Duty Rivet Racking comes in 6 different depths, so you’ll be sure to find something that will fit your space.

Our medium rivet uses a lighter 1830mm “L” shape face beam that offers loads up to 300kgs.

This provides a more cost effective solution for storing long or bulky items.

MRB/18/18/03/4/BG1830 x 1830 x 305mm300kg
MRB/18/18/04/4/BG 1830 x 1830 x 457mm300kg
MRB/18/18/06/4/BG1830 x 1830 x 610mm300kg
MRB/18/18/07/4/BG1830 x 1830 x 762mm280kg
MRB/18/18/09/4/BG1830 x 1830 x 915mm250kg
MRB/18/18/12/4/BG1830 x 1830 x 1220mm230kg


  • Blue uprights and Grey shelves.

Price includes four levels, uprights, plastic feet, face and side beams, deck supports and chipboard decks.

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Medium Rivet

1830 x 1830 x 305mm, 1830 x 1830 x 457mm, 1830 x 1830 x 610mm, 1830 x 1830 x 762mm, 1830 x 1830 x 915mm, 1830 x 1830 x 1220mm

Somewhere to hang your coat?