Milano Metal Plan Chest A1 5 Drawer

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Milano Metal Plan Chest A1 5 Drawer.

A1 5 Drawer.

Dimensions: 1130W x 795D x 550H.

Delivery in 3-4 weeks.

Milano Metal Plan Chest A1 5 Drawer

The Milano Metal Plan Chest A1 5 Drawer is a brilliantly simple compact paper storage solution for A1 paper and artwork.

The 5 x 55mm deep drawers each run on 4 super smooth roller bearings and the drawer fronts feature a metal D handle and integrated label holders.

An optional leg frame is available to raise the plan chest up to a required height.

We will discuss the exact required height before your plan chest goes into production.

The enclosed design of the Milano plan chest provides security and protection for your paper, with the ability to lock the entire plan chest with a single key.

Plan Chest Specifications:

  • Paper Size A1
  • Dimensions 1130W x 795D x 550H
  • Drawer Depth 55mm
  • Weight 84kg
  • Construction Steel carcass, steel drawers
  • Finish White (also available in grey)
  • Handles Silver metal ‘D’ handles (1 per drawer)

Are they easy to assemble?
Minimal assembly is required – Each 5 drawer section on the Milano Metal Plan Chest A1 5 Drawer is supplied complete, only the top and plinth require attaching which is easy and convenient to do when situating the plan chest in its final location.

Are metal plan chests stronger than wooden?
All our plan chests are built to be ‘student proof’ and the Milano comes with a five year warranty. However, if maximum robustness is key then a metal plan chest would be most suitable.

Are the drawers removable?
Yes. The Milano style plan chest allows drawers to be fully removed from the front.

Can you do them in other colours?
Yes. We can quote for these plan chests in special finishes.

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