Pipe Curing Heating Blankets

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Pipe Curing Heating Blankets.

For pipe sizes varying from 25 to 1000 mm.

Lead time – 2 weeks.


Pipe Curing Heating Blankets

Pipe Curing Heating Blankets are designed for fast and secure curing and joining of adhesive-bonded joints in PE and GRE pipes and fittings.

These pipe curing blankets are designed in durable, flexible and light material with the ability to heat to a maximum temperature of 180°C. This blanket comes without insulation, which results in perfect contact and even heat spreading to the PE (Polyethylene) or GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) pipes.

We have heating blankets for pipe sizes varying from 25 to 1000 mm controlled by either a fixed thermostat or by an external digital controller with a PT100 sensor and variable temperature threshold (0-200ºC).

Requiring 230 V (Option for 120V) alternating current, the blankets are quickly and easily applied and connected. They provide thermostatically controlled heat, ensuring maximum joint strength and reliability.

Technical Information:

  • Optimal curing of the composite materials, carbon, and epoxy prepreg.
  • Available with PT100 sensor combined with Digitherm controller or with a bimetal limiter (0-180°C).
  • 1 meter power cord

Pipe Curing Heating Blankets Sizes:

18-245480 x 350mm25-50mm230V 125WFixed (160ºC)
18-2454A80 x 350mm25-50mm230V 125WPT100
18-2455110 x 550mm75-100mm230V 250WFixed (160ºC)
18-2455A110 x 550mm75-100mm230V 250WPT100
18-2456140 x 880mm150-200mm230V 285WFixed (160ºC)
18-2456A140 x 880mm150-200mm230V 285WPT100
18-2457200 x 1350mm250-300mm230V 950WFixed (180ºC)
18-2457A200 x 1350mm250-300mm230V 950WPT100
18-2458300 x 1700mm350-400mm230V 1460WFixed (180ºC)
18-2458A300 x 1700mm350-400mm230V 1460WPT100
18-2459300 x 1900mm450-500mm230V 1850WFixed (180ºC)
18-2459A300 x 1900mm450-500mm230V 1850WPT100
18-2461300 x 3050mm700-800mm230V 2700WFixed (180ºC)
18-2462300 x 3050mm800-900mm230V 3100WFixed (180ºC)
18-2463300 x 3670mm900-1000mm230V 3200WFixed (180ºC)
19-2674 (Needed for all PT100 models) – Included in cost
External DigiTherm digital controller (0-200ºC).

Extra Information:

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Pipe Curing

18-2454, 18-2454A, 18-2455, 18-2455A, 18-2456, 18-2456A, 18-2457, 18-2457A, 18-2458, 18-2458A, 18-2459, 18-2459A, 18-2461, 18-2462, 18-2463, 19-2674