Rivet Racking with Double Depth Archive Boxes


Rivet Racking with Double Depth Archive Boxes.

Heights: 1830, 2440 or 3050mm.

Widths: 1525 or 1830mm.

Depth: 915mm.

Delivery 5-7 working days.


Rivet Racking with Double Depth Archive Boxes

With the continued demand to store paper for all businesses, the need for a high density solution will be easily solved with our Heavy Duty Rivet Racking with Double Depth Archive Boxes. Rivet Racking will provide a cost effective¬† and flexible way to solve any archive storage problem. This type of storage system is simple to adapt with add-on bays or extra levels. This way you can create a simple solution that utilises the space available. Available in Blue and Orange or Blue and Grey so please make sure you specify which colour you’d like at the checkout.


RRAK15/481830 x 1525 x 915mm1966mm348
RRAK15/642440 x 1525 x 915mm2614mm464
RRAK15/803050 x 1525 x 915mm3262mm580
RRAK18/601830 x 1830 x 915mm1966mm360
RRAK18/802440 x 1830 x 915mm2614mm480
RRAK18/1003050 x 1830 x 915mm3262mm5100

Colour Options:

  • Blue Uprights with Orange Shelves
  • Blue Uprights with Grey Shelves

Cardboard Boxes:

  • Size: 270 x 350 x 430mm (HxWxD)
  • Large labelling area
  • Tote Handles for easy carrying
  • Easy assembly
  • Delivered flat-packed
  • Holds 20kg

Price includes uprights, plastic feet, perimeter beams, deck supports, chipboard decks and archive boxes with lids.

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Racking Size

1830 x 1525 x 915mm, 1830 x 1830 x 915mm, 2440 x 1525 x 915mm, 2440 x 1830 x 915mm, 3050 x 1525 x 915mm, 3050 x 1830 x 915mm

Racking Colour

Blue and Grey, Blue and Orange