Short and Narrow Pallet Trucks

Product Code: LM_Short-Narrow-Pallet-Trucks


Short and Narrow Pallet Trucks.

Capacity: 2500kg.

Length of Forks: 500, 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1150 1200mm.

Width Over Forks: 450, 460 or 520mm.


Short and Narrow Pallet Trucks


  • Heavy duty and robust built pallet trucks
  • Ideal for use with narrow or half size pallets
  • Commonly used in the printing industry
  • 3 position lever
  • Ergonomic handle fitted with a comfortable plastic cover
  • Fingertip operated controlled lowering valve
  • 2500kg capacity
  • All wheels are fitted with sealed ball bearings
  • 460mm wide trucks (with 800mm or longer forks) can handle Euro pallets
  • Individual Fork Widths – PT Models: 150mm and MA Models: 160mm.


Product CodeFork Length (mm)Width Over Forks (mm)CapacityLift Height (mm)Wheels
PT25-460×5005004602500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-460×6006004602500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-460×8008004602500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-460×100010004602500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-460×115011504602500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-460×120012004602500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-520×5005005202500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-520×6006005202500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
PT25-520×8008005202500kg80 – 200Polyurethane
MA25-450×9009004502500kg75 – 190Nylon
MA25-450×100010004502500kg75 – 190Nylon

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Fork Size

450 x 1000mm (WxL), 450 x 900mm (WxL), 460 x 1000mm (WxL), 460 x 1150mm (WxL), 460 x 1200mm (WxL), 460 x 500mm (WxL), 460 x 600mm (WxL), 460 x 800mm (WxL), 520 x 500mm (WxL), 520 x 600mm (WxL), 520 x 800mm (WxL)