Silicone Drum Heater Band for 105L Drum

Product Code: keh_11-9866

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Silicone Drum Heater Band for 105L Drum.

Analog controller – 0-120ºC.

Lead time – 2 weeks.

Silicone Drum Heater Band for 105L Drum

Silicone Drum Heater Band for 105L Drum are made from silicone and are used to heat up fluids / liquids in any standard size metal drum.

Designed in a very simple design making it easy to use and easy to mount on any metal drum.

Equipped with an easy to use and precise thermostat with a range from 0° to 120°C.

Drum heating can be used to heat a variety of liquids, e.g. water, resin, oil, diesel fuel and many other industrial liquids and allows them to be poured or pumped with ease.

Technical Information:

  • Designed in durable silicone materials.
  • Simple design for easy usage.
  • Thermostat with range from 0 – 120°C.



11-9866Heating band for drum.

Analog controller (0-120ºC).

Price is for 1 band.

230V 800W1300 x 115mm105L


The heating blanket will be delivered without a plug.

This item is usually in stock and can be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

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