Very Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks 5000kg

Product Code: LM_Heavy-Duty-Pallet-Truck-5000kg


Very Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks 5000kg.

Capacity: 5000kg.

Length of Forks: 1150, 1500, 1800 or 2000mm.

Width Over Forks: 580 or 680mm.


Very Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks 5000kg


  • Designed for very heavy duty use
  • 5000kg capacity
  • Lift Height: 90 – 200mm
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Steel steer wheels and steel tandem load wheels as standard


Product CodeFork Length (mm)Width Over Forks (mm)CapacityLift Height (mm)Wheels
MA50-580×115011505805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-580×150015005805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-580×180018005805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-580×200020005805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-680×115011506805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-680×150015006805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-680×180018006805000kg90 – 200Steel
MA50-680×200020006805000kg90 – 200Steel

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Fork Size

580 x 1150mm (WxL), 580 x 1500mm (WxL), 580 x 1800mm (WxL), 580 x 2000mm (WxL), 680 x 1150mm (WxL), 680 x 1500mm (WxL), 680 x 1800mm (WxL), 680 x 2000mm (WxL)