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Heavy Duty Waste Sacks


Waste management problems are easily solved with the Racking Sack (New Roll cage and Trolley sacks). Suitable for most warehouse racking systems, the Racking Sack quickly fixes to the end of your racking system and offers an easier way to organise your recycling.


  • Easy collection of waste
  • Easy to fix, easy to remove
  • Helps waste segregation
  • Hard-wearing & re-usable

The Racking Sack is designed for most racking and shelving systems between 900 mm and 1100 mm. Once full, Racking Sacks can be removed and emptied with ease.

The Racking Sack has been thoughtfully developed so that it will not intrude into valuable warehouse space. When hung it has a large open mouth to easily receive waste, yet its tapered design enables it to hardly encroach into the floor area.

racking sack opening

Originally designed for the warehouse the Racking Sack’s flexible method of ‘S’ locator fixing means it can be hung over or hooked onto any substrate. That’s why the Racking Sack has quickly established itself a place in other industrial areas such as factories, offices or anywhere where waste has become a problem.

Made from tough waterproof polyester the Racking Sack can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.

 Three strong handles are woven into the edge of the sack, one on each side for carrying and one on the base so that the can be easily tilted from the base and emptied.

There are 14 design options available, thirteen printed waste segregation options plus a completely blank sack.
Dimensions: 1000 mm high x 920 mm wide.

racking sacks choice of designs

French and German versions are also available

Alternative prints available on request which can incorporate company names & logos (subject to minimum quantity)

If recycling packaging waste is important to your organisation then you can now control segregation where ever waste is created.

Roll Cage Sack

Roll cage sacks

  • Organise waste packaging materials as you go
  • Easy collection & segregation of waste
  • Ideal for 800 mm wide roll containers
  • Hard wearing & re-usable
  • Can be overprinted for volume orders

Keep your workplace neat and tidy by fitting the roll cage sack, ideal for use on 800 mm wide roll containers. Made from tough waterproof polyester, large capacity twin pocket sacks can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.

Fits by hooking over the sides or can also be secured via eyelets in the top corners. Velcro straps help secure the middle of the sack.

Roll cage sacks close up

Large waste capacity
Overall dimensions 1300 mm high x 880 mm wide

Trolley Waste Sacks

trolley sack double pocket

The trolleysack® is a great addition to our racksack® range and can help offer your customers a solution to complying with the waste legislation

  • Organise waste packaging materials as you go
  • Easy collection and segregation of waste
  • Easy to fix, easy to remove and empty
  • Hard-wearing and re-usable
  • Single or double pocket versions

Keep your picking areas clean and tidy as you go by fitting these recycling sacks. Not only do you keep unwanted waste materials off the floor but you also help segregate waste. Made from tough waterproof polyester, these single or double pocket trolley sacks can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment. Ideal for hooking onto handles of picking trolleys up to 580 mm wide or they can be secured via eyelets in other locations. When full simply take to your main waste station and empty the pre-segregated waste