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Reach Compliant Sack Trucks

reach compliant sack trucks

High quality reach compliant sack trucks manufactured from steel with a hard wearing aqua blue powder coated finish. Ideal for many industrial environments. Complete with strong, riveted knuckle guard hand grips.  REACH compliant & puncture proof pneumatic wheels.

The latest generation of sacktrucks suitable for loads from 200 to 300 kg

GI702R sack truck

Handy knuckle guards protect the operators hands from grazes and bruises whilst operating in narrow aisles.

GI704R sack truck

The folding toe model GI704R shown above has a magnet built into the sacktruck frame which holds the toeplate up whilst moving around or when storing minimising the footprint.

reach compliant puncture proof wheel

Special Reach compliant puncture proof wheels offer years of service and ease of use when travelling over uneven ground.

  • Mobile on REACH compliant and puncture proof pneumatic wheels
  • High quality steel with a hard-wearing aqua blue powder coated finish
  • Complete with strong, riveted knuckle guard hand grips
  • GI701R – high back unit with wheel guards and robust plastic covered skids
  • GI702R – extra wide unit with wheel guards
  • GI703R –  Standard unit
  • GI704R – complete with wheel guards. This unit also comes with a fixed and folding toe plate. The folding toe plate stays in position by the use of a magnet – Folding toe plate size: 390W x 460Dmm
  • GI705R – complete with wheel guards and ‘P’ handle. The ‘P’ handle allows the unit to be laid horizontally for ease of loading or unloading
  • GI706R – angle iron unit complete with wheel guards