Reel Pallet Trucks

Wide Range of Reel Pallet Trucks for the UK

The widest range of pallet trucks manufactured in the UK! These pallet trucks are available in a wide range of standard sizes with infinite specials and bespoke sizes available. Special options include low profile, reel truck and braking options.

  • Any physical size available
  • Right down to the last mm
  • Dual Braking Options
  • Any possible wheel configuration
  • Maintenance Free
  • Nylon bushes never need greasing
  • Articulated Steer Axle
  • Reduced stress on the truck

Capacity: 1500kg

Additional Information:
Nylon Steer Wheels and Single Steel Load Rollers
Max reel size: 940, 1240, 1510mm
Min reel size: 500, 600, 750mm
Dimension over fingers: 810, 896, 964mm
Dimension inside fingers: 374, 460, 528mm