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Sheet Metal Storage

sheet metal heavy duty racking

Manufactured in the UK our sheet metal storage racking system is designed to offer a safer and easier way to handle and store various sizes of metal sheets both inside and outside. Available up to 12 metres high and with a capacity of up to 20,000 kg per location.

Manufactured in the UK to exacting standard for storage and handling of sheet metal and helping you to meet the latest health and safety requirements.

Sheet Metal Racking Systems could benefit your company by:

  • Increasing vertical storage capacity
  • Allowing access to selective stock
  • Speeding up handing of materials
  • Available for external usage

Features for sheet metal storage

  • Systems up to 12 metres high
  • Manufactured from heavy duty universal beam sections
  • Painted any colour or galvanised for external use
  • Upto 20,000 kg per location
  • Wide range of accessories
  • External sheet metal storage systems can be roofed and clad becoming purpose built storage.


Depending on the weight and overall dimensions of your sheet metal, either Cantilever Racking or Heavy Duty Racking could be ideal for your sheet metal storage.

Cantilever sheet metal storage Solution.

sheet metal cantilever racking

Large sheet metal storage facility in the UK

Heavy duty sheet metal racking system

sheet metal racking black and yellow 800

Depending on your requirements we have two brochures suitable for the storage of sheet metal.