waste sorting station three bins

Sorting Units for Recycling

Recycling stations or centres for sorting out various recyclable waste into bags or bins so that they can be used in schools or public areas. Various refuse can be sorted for example aluminium, paper, cardboard, glass and organic waste. With out stainless steel option we can also provide sorting and separation in the canteen and preparation areas.

Waste Collection / Sorting Stations


Stainless steel, fully fabricated grade 304 throughout
1.5mm soundeadened top with laser cut, burr free apertures
30 x 30mm box section legs with low level stability frame
Heavy duty ‘easy feed’ trolley guides under worktop


Soundeadened worktop

 ‘Easy feed’ centering system allowing quick full / empty trolley changeovers
Promotes waste separation
Removable rubber scrapping rings
Jet wash compatible
Units c/w trolleys – suitable for holding plastic refuse sacks or standing bins

Available in 2 x 3 bay units


Provincial Recycling Bins

Dimensions – 920 mm High x 510 mm Width x 400 mm Depth
Capacity – 39 Litres
Weight 22.5kg
Code for PVR (Single)
Code for PVR-4 (Set of 4)

Classic Recycling Bins

Economical waste centre predominately designed for schools with colourful all weather plastic, the bins can be sign written with the recyclable material clearly indicated.

Dimensions – 1130 mm High x 520 mm Diameter
Capacity – 90 Litres
Weight – 23.2kg
Code for C-R (Single)
Code for C-R-4 (Set of 4)

Slimline Classic Recycling Bins

The slimmer model of the classic bin that is 390 mm diameter unlike the 520 mm model.
Designed and manufactured in a weather resistant plastic outer and a choice of a galvanised or plastic liner so that the waste can be hygienically disposed of.

Dimensions – 940 mm High x 390 mm Diameter
Capacity – 52 Litres
Weight – 10.5kg
Code for SC-R (Single)
Code for SC-R-4 (Set of 4)

100 Litre Plastic Bin with Wheels

100 litre plastic Atlas mobile bin

  • Black base with coloured lid
  • Lid colours from black, grey, blue, green, red or yellow
  • Integrated bag holder
  • Unit is fitted with padlock eye to allow for locking of the bin lid (padlock not supplied)
  • Unit fitted with 2 wheels for ease of mobility
  • Competitively Priced for such a large bin
  • Less than £ 60 per bin

Capacity (L) 100
Dimensions (mm) H900 x W440 x D590mm
Colour(s) Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow

For many more bins and styles contact our sales office.

 For Internal use we have several options.

 Selective Sorting

Tripoz Recycling Centre


  • Anti-UV powder coated steel
  •  Lock and key
  •  Polypropylene pads underneath to prevent contact with the ground
  •  2 height adjustable feet
  •  Clear instructions on the colour coded lid with openings adapted to waste type
  •  Adapted for indoor or under cover use
  •  Screen printing possible on the door (optional, extra charges may apply)

Made up of individual bins complete with plastic 120 litre wheelie bin.

Ref. 56078 – Paper – Manganese grey/ Sky blue RAL 5015
Ref. 56079 – Plastic – Manganese grey/ Colza yellow RAL 1021
Ref. 56085 – Metal – Manganese grey/ Traffic red RAL 3020
Ref. 56086 – Non Recyclables – Manganese grey/ Light grey RAL 9022
Ref. 56099 – Glass – Manganese grey/ Yellow green RAL 6018

CITWIN – 2 OR 3 Compartment sack holders

Available as the three was as shown or a double sack holder.

  • CITWIN Essential: anti-UV powder coated steel
  • CITWIN Premium: anti-corrosion treated, anti-UV powder coated steel
  • Bag held in place by an elastic band
  • Base and transversal rail in Manganese grey
  • Model with ashtray: no lock and emptied by tipping

Tubular Bag Holders

  • Anti-UV Powder coated steel
  • Available in 5 x colours
  • Ultramarine RAL 5002
  • Rape seed Yellow RAL 1021
  • Moss Green RAL 6005
  • Manganese Grey
  • Traffic White RAL 9016

Designed to take a 110 litre plastic refuse sack

Available Free standing or on castors

Quad Recycling Station

Designed to hold 4 separate 80 Litre capacity liners and available with optional colours and waste streams on the lids, this is the ultimate recycling sort bin for on the go recycling. This Recycling Bin is also available in single or double sided.


  • Height : 1090mm

  • Width : 1160mm

  • Depth : 610mm

  • Capacity : 4 × 80 Litres

Standard Features

  • 2mm Steel Thickness

  • 4 Flaps per side

  • Full Height & Width Door for easy emptying

  • 2 x Stainless Steel Hinges pivoted on 20mm Stainless Steel Rod

  • Spring loaded Slam Latch Mechanism

  • Keyhole & Latch Protection

  • Galvanised Steel Liner with bag retention cord

  • 4 x fixing holes in base

  • Colour Choice

  • Divider plates

Glutton Recycling Stations

  • Support your facility’s recycling programme, help improve worker well-being.
  • High-capacity, all-in-one centralised solutions for efficient waste sorting.
  • Includes designated, item-specific tops, symbol label pack, and word label pack in English, Spanish and French that provides visual cues and encourages compliance.
  • Features traditional Commercial Products strength and durability in easy-to-clean, impact-resistant post-consumer plastic.

How the Glutton is made up.

Centre hinge allows the lid to be opened from either side for easy access to waste. Eliminates the need to remove the lid during emptying and helps reduce
worker strain and trip-and-fall hazards.

Provincial Bins Brochure

Classic and Slim Bins Brochure