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Sovella Industrial Furniture


Sovella Industrial Furniture is designed and manufactured in Finland and supplied all around the world.  Merlin Industrial Products can now offer the Sovella range here in the UK.  Some popular models are shown below, but the range is extensive and includes benches, storage, seating and assembly worktables. Please note that Sovella is now part of Treston.

This page is designed to update customers looking for the Sovella range to update their existing installations.

Concept™ Worktables

Concept worktables

Concept™ worktables are designed for high-tech, electronics, and laboratory business sectors, where ergonomics are important.

Weight Capacity:
1,100 lbs.
Height Adjustable:
Work Surfaces:
Laminate, ESD Laminate

Cornerstone® Worktables

cornerstone worktables

Cornerstone® worktables are suitable for a broad range of tasks, including but not limited to: testing, packing, repairing, inspecting.

Design: 4-Leg

Weight Capacity: 680 kg

Height Adjustable: Yes

Work Surfaces:
Laminate, ESD Laminate

Towerline™ Workstations

towerline workbenches

Towerline™ workstations can be easily changed into a double-sided workstation by adding a bracket set and an additional work surface.

Design: Modular

Weight Capacity: 680 kg

Height Adjustable: No

Work Surfaces:
Laminate, ESD Laminate

LMT Worktables

light-duty motorized workstation

LMT is a light duty motorized multi-purpose worktable that is designed to meet ergonomics standards for users in both seated and standing positions.

Design: Cantilevered

Weight Capacity: 150 kg.

Height Adjustable: Yes

Work Surfaces:
ESD Laminate

Sovella worktables are a suitable solution for industrial laboratories and research and development centres. They are designed to accommodate the necessary measurement equipment and other tools ergonomically at a safe distance for use. Sovella laboratory benches fit also to education purposes.

Sovella laboratory tables are robust, elegant, and very flexible. Furthermore, they easily adapt to individual needs, new equipment, and changes in the working environment.

Please contact Merlin Industrial to find prices and information on this range of industrial workstations.

laboratory sovella