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Specialized Forklift attachments

forklift or crane brick basket

Specialized Forklift attachments that include brick baskets, portable toilet lifters, boat skips, mechanical grabbers and the new skip compactor, all make up this page of clever attachments for your standard forklift.

Crane of Forklift mounted Brick Basket

The materials / brick lifting cage is specifically designed for the hoisting of building materials, with overhead crane lifting point. Safe working load of 250 kg, with mesh sides for visibility & safety of product transportation.

Portable Toilet Lifter

portable toilet lifter

With both fork and crane operation, the Portable Toilet Lifter is a necessity for those moving portable toilets around building sites or transporting to various levels on high-rise developments.

The lifter arrives complete with a built-in sump and drain tap to catch any spills.

ModelLength (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)C of G (mm)LLC (mm)Price
ITLF-114002480254750750Call/Enquire for prices

Standard Features

  • Fully enclosed fork pocked entry
  • 4 overhead crane attachment points
  • Built in sump
  • Drain tap
  • Hinged access bar to front
  • Painted bright orange

Boat Skips

boat skip lifting product

The boat skips range includes a specific self-dumping system, used for general muck and waste removal. These high-quality skips perform efficiently and safely as they are lifted and empty automatically without the need of any assistance. This feature eliminates the risk of danger to the personnel or operative alike. Robust manufacture to suit the condition and environment in which the skips work.

ModelNominal Capacity (l)Capacity (kg)Weight (kg)Overall Height (mm)Lip Height (mm)Body LengthBody WidthBody Height

Standard Features

  • Low Loading Height.
  • No manual intervention needed.
  • Bail Arm Rest when not in use.
  • Integral Locking Bale Arm once lifted.
  • Reinforced Body Sides and Rear
  • Reinforced leading edge.
  • Painted bright orange for safety

Mechanical Grabber

mechanical grabber

Designed to lift, move and release numerous types of block and brick packs safely on a building site or yard. Fully mechanically operated via the forklift (without the driver leaving the safety of his seat) or via an overhead crane / HIAB.

ModelCapacity (kg)Weight (kg)C of G (mm)Span (mm)Internal Height (mm)Overall Height (mm)Overall Width (mm)Pad Length (mm)

Standard Features

  • External handles for ease of positioning
  • Adjustable internal pack height
  • Profiled hooks for attachment of optional safety net
  • Fully automatic mechanism
  • Segmented interchanged rubber pads
  • Painted bright orange for safety

Optional Features

  • Restraint Net
  • Fork Mounted Yoke – refer to separate specification sheet

Fork Mounted Skip Compactor

skip compactor

The Fork Mounted Skip Compactor is designed to achieve optimum skip capacity. Waste is usually deposited into the yard skip and taken away once full. However, in most cases the skip is 30-45 percent full of fresh air. The Skip Compactor significantly reduces this and subsequently reduces the number of collections required and money spent in doing so.

ModelWeight (kg)C of G (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)

Standard Features

  • Adjustable height to suit up to 8 foot deep skips
  • Heel pin locking for the safe attachment to forklift truck
  • Robust and sturdy construction
  • Painted bright orange for safety


  • Position the forks to the correct distance apart to locate into fork pockets.
  • Remove the safety lynch pin and fork pocket heel pins.
  • Drive the forks fully into the fork pockets.
  • Insert fork pocket heel pins directly behind the heel of the fork and attach safety lynch pin into hole provided.
  • Remove Height Adjustment Pin in the main vertical box section to adjust compactor height to suit waste/skip height.
  • Once the desired position is achieved, insert the Adjustment Pin into the aligned holes and attach the safety lynch pin into the hole provided.
  • The attachment is now ready for use.

Please find a selection of forklift attachments from our online shop.