Spill / Drip trays are useful products to have around and are supplied in different sizes to fit under the possible leak with enough capacity to collect all of the spillage. Most of the trays are acid resistant plastics so are suitable for a very wide range of chemicals.

Spill trays are ideal as temporary or full time bunds for small containers and drums with capacities of up to 100 litres.

Model shown above is P3241255
Size 1200 x 550 x 50 mm high
Capacity 30 litres

Features and Benefits

  • Container Spill Tray.
  • Liquid dispensing work area.
  • Laboratory tray.
  • Vehicle and equipment leak spill tray.
  • Machine part cleaning.
  • Solvent and ink storage.
  • Battery storage.
  • Chemical dosing point tray.

Model P3240604

P3240604 drip tray 8 litres

8 Litre Drip Trays with hand holes
Size 600 x 400 x 50 mm high
Capacity 8 litres

Model P3048040

P3048040 9 litre spill tray

9 litres Capacity Tray Spill Tray
Size 790 x 400 x 50 mm high
Capacity 9 litres
Material Polyethylene

Model P3040503

P3040503 10 litres capacity spill tray

10 Litre Capacity Spill Tray
Size 547 x 390 x 53 mm high
Capacity 10 litres
Material Polyethylene

Model P3240056

P3240056 27.5 litre spill tray

27.5ltr Capacity PE Spill Tray suitable for 1 x 25ltr Drum
Size 550 x 550 x 110 mm high
Capacity 27.5 litres
Material Polyethylene

P3240056 spill tray with grid

Model P3046549

P3046549 Black spill tray 28 litres

28 Litre Square Spillage Tray
Size 640 x 490 x 120 mm high
Capacity 28 litres
Material Polyethylene

Model P3040606

P3040606 yellow 45litre spill tray

45 Litre Yellow Drip Tray
Size 630 x 590 x 170 mm high
Capacity 45 litres

Model P3048080

P3048080 square spill tray

64 Litre Black Square Spill Tray
Size 800 x 800 x 120 mm high
Capacity 64 litres
Material Polyethylene

Model P3241055

P3241055 spill tray 65litres

65 Litre Spillage Tray
Size 1000 x 550 x 150 mm high
Capacity 65 litres
Material Polyethylene

Model P3241010

P3241010 square 1000mm drip tray

100 Litre Square Spillage Tray
Size 1000 x 1000 x 120 mm high
Capacity 100 litres
Material Polyethylene

Model P3041408

P3041408 yellow spill tray

60 Litre spillage tray with central divider
Size 1450 x 840 x 70 mm high
Capacity 60 litres

Model R3340809

R3340809 YELLOW Tray

Bund Tray without the Grid 100 Litres capacity
Size 1195 x 795 x 185 mm high
Capacity 100 litres