Steel Pallets and Stillages


A wide variety of steel storage pallets that are manufactured to suit most requirements. Available in a variety of colours, the range includes:

  • Standard Pallets
    Mesh or sheet sided, box, open front, half drop side, detachable side and post pallets.


  • Post Rack Pallets
    To take standard Eurosize pallets up to 1200mm.


  • Chute Front Pallets
    Stacking, for work areas where components must be readily available.


  • Bin Pallets
    Welded steel for effective storage of small parts.


  • Corrugated Pallets
    Corrugated 1.6mm thick steel sheet, box or half drop side.


  • Flat Pallets


  • Storage Chests
    Galvanised, 2mm seam welded, general, heavy duty and stacking.


  • Swarf and Refuse Tipping Trucks
    Designed to simplify the movement and disposal of factory waste and refuse.


For more detailed information click on the link below to download pdf of brochure pages

Steel Pallets

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