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Straight Sided Plastic Trucks

Straight Sided Plastic Trucks

The straight sided plastic trucks are ideal for applications that require maximum internal loading capacity, for example when moving boxes within a warehouse. They are manufactured from medium density food grade polyethylene, and we offer a huge range of sizes, all of which are available in our full colour range. All trucks are fitted with a plywood base.

As well as the straight sided plastic trucks, we can also offer lids so that ingredients can be covered whilst transporting around the factory or warehouse.

Standard colours are Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Natural White and this applies to the lids as well.

Please see a few of the popular models listed below and download the free brochure at the bottom of this page.

R930 Tub

 R930 straight sided plastic truck

Measurements in mm

Product CodeR930
External Length605
External Width510
External Height540
Internal Length520
Internal Width435
Internal Height430
Capacity (litres)115
Cubic Feet4.03
Weight (KG)6.1

R932 Tub

R932 straight sided plastic truck

Measurements in mm

Product CodeR932
External Length600
External Width510
External Height686
Internal Length500
Internal Width410
Internal Height580
Capacity (litres)131
Cubic Feet4.59
Weight (KG)8.2

E920 Plastic Trucks

E920 Plastic Truck

Measurements in mm

Product codeE910
External Length660
External Width457
External Height635
Internal Length550
Internal Width350
Internal Height550
Capacity (litres)134
Cubic Feet4.69
Weight (KG)7

Download the free brochure on Food Trucks and Dolly’s

Please find the brochure displayed below for the food quality plastic trucks. Below, some of the plastic truck products we have at our online shop.


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