Super absorbent cushions and socks are great for collecting machine tool cutting fluids and oils and because they expand when used they provide an easy indication that they need replacing.

  • These super absorbent’s products swell in size as the polymer fibre gel filling encapsulates the liquid to avoid leakage
  • Suitable for non-aggressive water-based liquids such as cutting fluids and oils
  • Ideal for use in factories around the bases of machines
  • E-AMS2 will absorb approx 6 litres water-based / 4 litres oil, E-AMS3 will absorb approx 12 litres water-based / 8 litres oil, E-AMC02 will absorb approx 4.5 litres water-based / 3 litres oil
  • All codes have a leak and spill centre option
  • Code E-AMS2 80 x 1200mm Maintenance Socks pack of 20
  • Code E-AMS3 80 x 3000mm Maintenance Socks pack of 8
  • Code E-AMC01 200 x 350 x 500mm Maintenance Cushions pack of 20
  • Code E-AMC02 300 x 350 x 500mm Maintenance Cushions pack of 20