Aluminium Sprung Loaded Trolleys

spring loaded trolley in aluminium

The aluminium sprung loaded trolleys or SLT’s are a responsive handling solution for loading and unloading items from one area to another without the operator needing to do repetitive bending over and risking lower back problems. Diamond pattern castors make manoeuvring easier.

Glass and Steel Display Cabinets

glass and steel display cabinets

Glass and Steel Display Cabinets offer an attractive way to display products, trophies, awards and merchandise in the reception or showroom. As well as standard glass display cases the factory can also manufacture custom units and, with shelf loadings of up to 30 kg you can display almost anything.

Telescopic Lightweight Work Platform

zap600 lightweight adjustable work platform

The Telescopic lightweight work platform meets the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations of 2005 and conforms to European standard EN 1004. It also carries a 150 Kilo rating and complies with 2HF recommendations relating to safe method of working at height with 2 hands free.

Aluminium Access Tower Platform

Sky High Scaffolding tower

Sky High lightweight scaffolding tower system that meets all of the working at height regulations and has platform heights as high as 8.2 metres. Owning rather than hiring scaffolding can be much more cost effective for companies regularly working at heights.

Reachmaster Lightweight Scaffolding

Reachmaster animated

Choose from working heights of 2.6 m up to 8.5 m so that one set of aluminium scaffold towers can now cover indoor ceilings to outdoor maintenance. Easy to transport and able to cover a wide range of maintenance or installation procedures quickly and economically.

IP67 Rated Containers

IP67 rated aluminium containers - cases

IP67 Rated Containers can be supplied in four different sizes and the IP67 rating protects the contents from harmful dust and the contents are also protected whilst submerged to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

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