Furniture Trolleys for Retail Use

3 tier sofa bed trolley

A range of furniture related trucks and sofa trolleys specifically designed for the handling of bulky and awkward items in the retail and wholesale trade. Chairs and Settees, carpets and Beds require specialist trolleys to allow for the safe transportation of furniture around a shop or warehouse and some furniture trolleys provide a way of marketing three-piece suites as shown below.

Student Accommodation

STUDENT lounge kitchen furniture

Manufactured in the UK we now offer a wide range of student accommodation that includes beds, mattresses, storage and work areas. Available as standard sizes or manufactured to fit the available spaces. Please contact Merlin Industrial for more information.

Residential Accommodation Furniture

Recess Accommodation Furniture Range

Two ranges of popular UK residential  accommodation furniture manufactured in the United Kingdom that offer a complete range of furnishings for student and guest accommodation that includes beds with or without storage, drawers and cupboard units as well as workstations.

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