External Recycling Bins

External Recycle Bins

External Recycling Bins are a range of Plastic and Steel recycle stations designed to live outdoors in the UK. The recycling bins house standard wheelie bins of various sizes to make emptying and replacing cheaper and easier. Various WRAPS and openings are available to suit the type of recycling that you wish to offer.

Underground Waste Systems

semi underground bins group image

To make larger waste bins more accessible the semi-underground bins act like icebergs with the majority of the space underground leaving an attractive top with access to the bags and litter up to a staggering 5 m cubed. We have both underground and semi-underground bins for more space above ground and less emptying.

Janitorial Shop

janitorial shop

The new Janitorial shop offers discounted prices and quick deliveries on a wide range of cleaning and related products designed for industrial use such as the stainless-steel wall-mounted ash bins or your very own claw car clamp for the car park!

Small Parts Storage Containers

Just Kanban small parts storage

Small Parts Storage Containers and Kanban systems offer an effective method of keeping small parts such as screws and components easily available and clearly labelled in colour designated containers. Supplied in a wide range of colours the open fronted bins are also available in ESD plastic making them suitable for holding SSD devices and components.

Push Top Bins

Industrial bins with push bin lids

Push top bins offer a quick and easy method of disposing of various waste products. We have a selection of manual to fully automatic sensor bins and probably the widest range of colours that are all manufactured in the EU.

Battery Recycling Containers

Battery Recycling Products

As the chemicals in batteries are so corrosive European legislation has issued directives for the safe disposal and recycling. The containers below have been designed and manufactured to help you separate the batteries from the normal waste so that they can be disposed of safely.

Novelty Recycling Bins

space buddy bins

A range of novelty recycling bins designed for children and adults and available in different shapes and sizes to entice the disposal of litter and to help save time sorting when emptying. The novelty bins are manufactured from easily cleaned and UV protected plastic and most are suitable for indoors and outdoor use.

Cup Bin Recycling

EnviroHub 176l triple bins

Cup Bin Recycling allows for a simple, but effective method of getting rid of plastic and paper cups after use. Most of the cup bins shown are available with a flask option that captures the liquids left over, allowing for a faster and cleaner emptying procedure. Some of the recycling cup bins also offer extended …

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Rossignol Waste Management Products

56304 ARKEA 34

Rossignol is a 100 year old French company manufacturing a wide range of products for the Health, Public, Hospitality and Educational markets. To ensure reliability and quality of its products, Rossignol regularly conducts laboratory tests. Merlin Industrial Products are one of the main UK distributors.

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