ESD Open fronted Plastic Containers

ESD rack boxes and material flow boxes group

ESD open-front containers are made of a special plastic to which conductive carbon fibres are added during production. This makes the containers conductive and prevents an electrostatic charge from being created by friction (ESD = electrostatic discharge). ESD products are usually black because of the carbon fibres that are used to make them.

Polypropylene Wheels

Black polypropylene plastic wheel

Polypropylene wheels are a solid white or black wheel. With a wheel diameter range of 40 to 400 mm and a load capacity range of 50 to 330 kg. Hard-working and economical wheel that is also used as guide rollers in tracks. With prices less than a pound, these wheels offer a cheaper alternative to …

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Lever Hoists

NLH15L lever hoists

Lever hoists offer a much easier way to lift up to 6000 kg using a ratchet lever. The free wheeling feature eliminates the need to use the lever to take up slack or position the hook. Lever hoists are just one of the many lifting equipment products Merlin supplies.

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