Static Control Timber Workbenches

static control wooden workbench

Static Control Timber Workbenches offer the natural insulating properties of wood with the benefits of static control. The electronics industry produces and handles devices that are extremely sensitive to the discharge of static electricity. A person moving around on a chair or walking across a floor can generate electrostatic potential in the order of 20,000 volts.

Chrome Wire Shelving

chrome wire shelving in shop

Chrome wire shelving system offering strength, excellent air flow and with a wide range of accessories. Ideal for dry store, catering, retail display, medical authorities, hospitals, electronic, engineering and modern offices. Fully adjustable with shelf heights every 25 mm. Huge range of accessories including angled shelves, display baskets and utility rails.

Parts Storage Turntable ESD

ESD Part Storage Turntable

Parts Storage Turntable ESD. The robust, ball-bearing base has a load capacity of 800 kg. These assemblies offer storage for up to 1792 different items on a floor area of only 0.64 square metres. The unit includes a ball-bearing base and shelves in 4 layers. Earthing is via a 1 megaohm protective resistor. Easy to assemble – no tools required.

ESD Wire Mesh Shelving

esd wire mesh storage system

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) wire mesh shelving offers 87 different size combinations along with the option of adding special castors to turn the ESD shelving systems into ESD trolleys. The protective shelving also looks good in any retail, warehouse or commercial area. Shelves can be adjusted every 25 mm making this shelving highly adaptable.

ESD Storage Cabinets

ESD small parts storage cabinets

The use of storage cabinets with ESD protection in EPAs reduces the occurrence of ESD damage. The product families of the Treston industrial furniture range contain ergonomic storage and cabinets, for designing a functional workstation or a complete workspace for an EPA. Earthing kits, ESD wrist straps, and ESD mats are also available. Treston products meets the requirements of the standard IEC 61340-5-1.

ESD Plastic Pallets

ESD medium pallets mp 12105

Prevention of static helps electronic products last longer and lowers failure rates. This range of ESD anti-static plastic pallets, are available in three different models and many European sizes. Lightweight, Medium and Smooth top ESD pallets, with or without retaining lips manufactured to stop containers sliding off the top whilst being transported around.

Industrial Mobile ESD Workstations

Concept trolley CONT705 available in ESD finish

Additional industrial and mobile worktop space is often needed in workplaces. Equipped with castors, these can be moved around easily and can also be used to transport supplies and equipment. The product family includes many models for different purposes. The Treston ESD mobile workstations are ergonomic, adaptable standing workstation.

Anti-Static ESD Workbenches

Anti-Static ESD Workbenches such as the TP series bench from Treston is an all-round bench that can easily be adapted to various applications in production, assembly, repair, test and R&D areas or in a warehouse for packing and dispatching that requires ESD protection.

Anti-static – ESD Trolleys

A range of Anti-static – ESD Trolleys for the Electronics Industry designed for the safe transportation of SSD Static Sensitive Devices. The adjustable reel holder trolley is compatible with SMD reels, and suitable for transport and stocking of them. We have a range of ESD trolleys to choose from all parts are powder coated steel, RAL 7035 ESD.

ESD Operator Chairs in Vinyl

static safe industrial chairs

This range of clean room seating provides the optimum balance between ergonomic function and clean room specification. ESD Clean Room and Medical Grade Technical Chairs feature a HEPA filter to clean expelled air from the seat.

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