ESD Anti-Static Matting

esd kumfi pebble mats

ESD or Anti-static matting and flooring is designed to gradually dissipate static electricity away from the site at a controlled rate preventing damage to SSD (Static Sensitive Devices). ESD matting can also provide anti-fatigue properties perfect for staff that are standing for long periods of time. As well as the flooring we also have ESD Worktop mats.

Treston ESD Products

Treston ESD Products

Please find the latest Treston product information for the ESD and Standard ranges which includes workbenches, trolleys, shelving, seating and ESD containers.

Light Motorised Workbenches

light motorised workbench

Light Motorised Workbenches or LMT for short are ideal, with a weight capacity of 150 kg they can be used in production and assembly. The LMT is a light ergonomic multi-purpose workbench that can be equipped for any light industrial or office work. Suitable for assembly work, quality checking, packing tasks and as a designer or supervisor’s workbench. The bench complies with ergonomic standards for both sitting and standing positions.

ESD PCB Storage and Transport

laberack pcb handling

ESD PCB Storage and Transport and mobility options for PCB boards for external shipping or for moving around a workplace. ESD PCB Storage solutions for the protection of static sensitive devices are now even more popular with modern manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

ESD Folding Plastic Containers

ESD folding plastic boxes

In a few simple steps, the volume of the ESD foldable containers can be reduced by up to 82%. What is more, the box is particularly light, very stable and stackable. The electrically conductive material reliably protects the electronic components from electrical charges.

Treston Towerline Workbenches and Stations

towerline configuration twin workbenches

The Treston TowerLine workstation has a sturdy steel frame and is available in a wide range of layout options: the two-sided option, corner solution and line extension. It can be easily reconfigured to meet the latest requirements.

ESD Consumables

esd metallised bags

A range of metallised barrier bags in various sizes and supplied in packages of 100 and ESD cleanroom swabs designed to easily remove particles and residue with no abrasions.

ESD Clothing

esd t-shirts

ESD clothing is manufactured using a special static dissipative material and designed for use in ESD protected areas for the protection of static sensitive devices.

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