Spring Lift Laundry Trolleys

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Convenient spring lift trolleys that raise when emptying and lower when filing for quicker operations and less back strain. Each trolley also offers easy-to-adjust load spring-action for lighter load capacities and is mounted on a galvanised chassis with castors set in a diamond or square formation.

Covered Linen Trolleys

LC328 linen cart covered linen trolleys

Covered Linen Trolleys or Cages offer a solution for moving a large amount of clothing, bedding and easily whilst protecting the contents from dust, weather and dirt. PVC Covers also concealment and privacy for the contents and are very popular in large hotels and hospitals.

Laundry, Linen and Textile Trolleys

High back linen trolleys 600px

Designed for the hospitality and health industries where a large amount of linen and textiles require changing in the most economic and fastest means possible. These plastic trolleys are made in Yorkshire and offer many advantages over more expensive models.

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