ESD Wire Mesh Shelving

esd wire mesh storage system

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) wire mesh shelving offers 87 different size combinations along with the option of adding special castors to turn the ESD shelving systems into ESD trolleys. The protective shelving also looks good in any retail, warehouse or commercial area. Shelves can be adjusted every 25 mm making this shelving highly adaptable.

Chrome Mesh Picking Trolleys

PT1848T1 picking trolley

Chrome mesh order picking trolleys are specifically designed for loading, transporting and unloading boxes and packages of different shapes, sizes and weights and offer flat and tilted shelving in an attractive and hard wearing chrome steel mesh.

Mail Sorting Systems

MT960Z mail sorting system

Merlin has various mail sorting systems in both mesh and wood offering a central point for mail and parcel collection for staff or to help organise the mail-room in busy offices and healthcare establishments. Merlin can also offer a customised wooden pigeon hole system should none of out standard mail sorting systems fits the bill.

Security Trolleys

mobile security trolleys

Security trolleys are invaluable for transporting valuables around a warehouse, or area where you want the contents to arrive safely. We have a few options of security trolleys available that include mesh, steel plate and wood depending on your requirements. Highly manoeuvrable and available in two weeks.

Perforated and Mesh Containers

k250 perforated baskets and containers

Aluminium perforated / mesh containers and baskets ideal for civilian and military applications. Sometimes also called tote boxes as each of the perforated containers and baskets has helpful hand holes to allow easy manual handling. The K250 and K251 models are detailed below along with a brochure on more specialised aluminium containers.

Steel Stillages and Post Pallets

steel stillages

Steel stillages also known as Steel pallet boxes have been around since the industrial revolution due to their simplicity and the usefulness of the design. The stillages shown here are all new though we do have access to a wide range of used and rental pallet boxes.

Distribution Trucks and Trolleys

heavy duty distribution trolley

Distribution Trucks and Trolleys are designed to carry various equipment safely and quickly around busy warehouses and stores. Manufactured here in the UK our distribution trolleys offer simple and effective designs that will offer years of reliability.

Post Room Mesh Trolleys

OT2 Mesh post trolley

Post Room Mesh Trolleys are available in an assortment of sizes for small to large facilities with various central mail room departments and a requirement to transport post and parcels around the building.

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