iceberg soft seating for receptions

Soft Office Seating

Soft office seating inspires clients and visitors, offering a comfortable meeting or reception space. First impressions count, and with Merlin, you can create a welcoming, professional and functional soft seating area at a competitive price. Manufactured in the UK, we can customise the fabrics on most of the ranges per your requirements.

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made to order reception seating

Reception MTO Seating

Made to order reception seating, upholstered soft seating helps to create relaxed working environments where people can go for some time away from their desk, meet and collaborate or bring their laptop with them to work away from the distractions of phones and colleagues, ideal for corporate breakout spaces, open plan offices, reception areas and meeting rooms.

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modular reception units made in the UK

Reception Desks and Modular Units

Your reception area is of critical importance as it is for any business. It needs to be a welcoming space for all visitors, from valued customers to prospective new starters arriving for an interview. But the reception area is also where every office day begins for all employees and it should inspire them to be proud about where they work and reassure people that you mean business.

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