aluminiun foil recycling WRAPS

Aluminium Recycling Foil Banks

Recycling is part of the natural life cycle of Aluminium. Because the metal can be simply remelted using only around 5% of the energy used in primary production. And because it can be recycled time and again without loss of quality Aluminium retains a high scrap value which drives high recycling rates in each end user sector, designed to meet the demands of the busiest public areas and harsh outdoor climate. These units can house wheelie bins but sack retention fitments are also available as an option. 

islea recycling banks schematic

Recycling Banks

The latest generation collection banks of the ISLEA family has not only been improved, but also extended: with the sizes S, M, L and XL we offer you a complete, standard-conforming product line for waste collection in public areas. The rounded design fits discreetly into the street scene, while the design of the plinth allows precise positioning of several containers.