stair climber

Aluminium Sack Trucks

GI380Y aluminium stairclimber with skids

With such a wide range of Aluminium Sack Trucks we can provide a safe way to unload and load goods in for a variety of applications. The aluminium sack truck offers a rust free tool that is light and can carry between 50 and 350 kg depending on your model choice.

Post Distribution Stairclimber

Stairclimbing mailroom trolley

Designed to make safe work of delivering mail and small parcels up and down stairs. The baskets can also hold lateral files making the stair climbing trolley ideal where files need to be moved around a large office on multiple floors.

Wide Stair Climbers

GI360Y wide starirclimber empty

Wide stair climbers are sack trucks with wide toe plate of 410 mm designed to safely carry loads up and down stairs of up to 50 kg. The wide stair climbers comes complete with the strap making the stair climber truck easily used by one person. For heavier loads, please see the model below with …

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