Timber Racking Decking for the UK

Timber Decking

Timber Racking Decking

Timber decking fits onto the beams of pallet racking, the decking can be made in various sizes to suit all types of racking, the thickness of the decks depends on the weight of the goods stored on the beams.



  • 1000kgs uniformly distributed load per panel
  • Can store none palletized items on the racking
  • Various sizes and thickness of deck
  • Open or Close boarded
  • Easy to install – no fixing
  • Battens inset to suit the racking
  • Strong and Durable
  • Has a long working life, saves money and addresses health and safety issues

 Timber Decking

Technical information

Type of deck:

Open or close boarded


Rough sawn or planed timber

Board Thickness:

From 19mm to 50mm (Higher or lower if required)

Batten sizes:

75mm x 19mm or 75mm x 22mm

Board Widths:

From 75mm to 150mm depending on the UDL

Made in:

1, 2 or 3 pieces

Manufactured from:

Home grown, Kiln dried Scandinavian or Russian timber

Other materials:


Special decking:

Tanalith treatment, any size of decking

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