This Tipping Pallet Fork Lift Mounted will handle almost any kind of box or flat packed material. The self-tipping unit is activated by releasing a spring mechanism and is designed for constant service. Typical applications include the offloading of catalogues, balers and other items that need to be discharged from the forks of the truck.

Handle most types of box or flat packed material

Tipping pallet 1250 x 1000 mm

steel tipping pallet

  • Safe and secure in use
  • Robust, hard-wearing construction
  • Straightforward operation
  • Prevents forklifts misuse
  • Self-matching tip mechanism

Model AETP

Maximum Capacity 1000 KG
Product Weight 68 KG
Colours Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and White
Size in Use Width 1250 x Depth 1000 x Height 160 mm
Fork Guide Size 150 x 70 at 700 mm fork centres
Minimum Fork Lift Truck rating 1000 KG at 600 mm load centre