The truck dock platform is a mobile offloading system that can equally be used for maintenance or other applications where the easy slope steps allow safe access whilst carrying tools or packages. With access from all three sides of the platform the steps can be used in a variety of positions.

  • Large working platform (1200 x 700 mm) with access of all 3 sides.
  • Ideal for Loading / Unloading operations
  • Comfortable 48 degree angle of climb for safer use
  • Fully Welded Steel Construction
  • Industrial quality powder coating
  • Unique anti ascent bar locking mechanism prevents access whilst unit still mobile.

Access off 3 sides of the platform

 KTD005 truck dock steps

Product CodeNo. of TreadsPlatform Height (mm)Working Height (mm)Overall Dimensions H x W x L (mm)Weight (Kg)
KTD 05510002000 – 27502000 x 910 x 210075
KTD 06612002200 – 29502200 x 910 x 230098
KTD 07714002400 – 31502400 x 910 x 2500120
KTD 08816002600 – 33502600 x 1080 x 2700145
KTD 09918002800 – 35502800 x 1080 x 2900170

Easy Rise Steps with Truck Dock Platform

2024 004 truck dock mobile platform

Technical Description

The Easy Rise Dock steps are ideal for providing safe comfortable access to trucks, Lorries and dock areas. The locking device secures the step for climbing at a comfortable 48 degree slope that allows users to turn and descend the steps facing forward. Chain access is provided at the top of the step to all sides for safety and ease of use.

Expamet treads and platform prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt whilst water and oil drain off easily.

  • Removable chain access on three sides of the platform
  • Large 750mm x 1200mm platform
  • Safe anti-slip expamet treads allow water and oil to drain off easily
  • Fitted with hand-lock to facilitate movement on castors
  • Large 200mm wheels fitted to rear with rubber tyres and roller bearings
  • Maximum Working Load 250kg
  • Warranty 1 Year









(H X W X D)



2024-00442.52m0.92m1.91 x 0.96 x 1.87m89
2024-00552.75m1.15m2.14 x 0.96 x 2.06m98
2024-00662.98m1.38m2.37 x 0.96 x 2.25m107
2014-007*73.21m1.61m2.60 x 0.96 x 2.40m116
2014-008*83.44m1.84m2.83m x 0.96 x 2.63m125

>Download the full specification sheet for the Easy Slope truck Docks here.<