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Tuff Flat-packed Workbenches

tuff flat-packed workbenches group

Manufactured in the UK the Tuff (Tough) Flat-packed Workbenches are available in 5 to 7 days and can be quickly installed. We also offer an assembly service should you require it. Ideal for Companies, Individuals and Schools.

Tuff workbench features and benefits

  • This heavy duty range of industrial workbenches are ideal for factories, laboratories, schools and retails etc.
  • The workbenches are available in two sizes 1800 x 650 mm and 2000 x 650 mm.
  • They offer a heavy duty robust construction and yet are economically prices for today’s market.
  • Each workbench has a 40 mm beech laminated top.
  • Each drawer until comes complete with central locking.
  • Each drawer has a capacity of 50 kg.
  • Each bench has a capacity of 200 kg UDL.
  • The benches are powder coated blue and grey. Each bench is supplied in knock down form for easy on site assembly and to allow access to the site location.
  • The workbenches can be supplied fully assembled at extra cost please call our sales office.

34024036 Tuff workbenches

Workbenches flat-packed as standard

1800 mm Wide tops x 840 mm High x 650 mm Deep

Product CodeDescription
34024200Workbenches –  including 2 x cupboards
34024201Workbenches –  including 2 x triple draw units
34024202Workbenches  including 1 x triple draw unit & 1 cupboard
34024043Workbenches  including 1 x cupboard
34024045Workbenches  including 1 x triple draw unit

2000 mm Workbenches x 840 mm high x 650 mm Deep

Product CodeDescription
34024034Workbenches – including 2 x cupboards
34024035Workbenches – including 2 x triple draw units
34024036Workbenches – including 2 x triple draw units & 1 cupboard
34024037Workbenches – including 3 x cupboards
34024038Workbenches –  including 3 x triple draw units
34024039Workbenches – including 2 x cupboards & 1 x Triple Draw unit
34024041Workbench –
34024042Workbenches –  including 1 x triple draw unit & 1 cupboard
34024044Workbenches – including 1 x cupboard
34024046Workbenches – including 1 x triple draw unit

Tuff Industrial Quality Workbenches – Drawers with easy open handles and plenty of space for labels

34024038 Tuff workbenches

Tuff doors have CAM lock mechanism and two keys per lock.  Master keys can be supplied if required. 

TUFF Keys Tuff workbenches

Please contact Merlin Industrial Products with the product codes and quantities for a quick quote.