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TUFFCAGE – Gas Bottle Storage

tuffcage flatpacked gas bottle cage

Collapsible gas storage cage that can be easily moved around the site or even different depots making it cheaper than having a fixed cage stand empty for most of the time. Our flat packed gas storage cage is also galvanised to withstand the elements.

Gas bottle cage folded flat

Folded and easy to move around

The gas cage comes in clever one-piece steel construction with no detachable parts and built-in forklift skids for stacking flat packed.  The galvanised gas cylinder and bottle cage will also last longer than the competition due to the galvanised coating and for companies requiring temporary storage for hazardous gas bottles, this cage can be easily stored as folded flat it is only 180mm high.

Download the leaflet here.

Fully Erected and ready for use in just 4 minutes.

Gas Cylinder cage in galvanised steel


  • One piece construction with no removable parts
  • Very quickly erected and dismantled
  • Folds down to 180mm high
  • Galvanised to sustain all weather conditions
  • Two padlock points
  • Easily stacked when folded down, with the fork skids on the base

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