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Universal Work Cupboards


A range of multi-use industrial heavy duty work cupboards ideal for all your storage requirements and available with a wide range of accessories including louvre panels and tool holders.

The welded construction offers high strength and durability.

1800mm high x 1050mm wide x 650mm deep gives a very large storage capacity.

The cupboards are available with a combination of accessories including drawer, shelves and perforated/louvre rear panels.

Either with solid doors or vision doors which allow you to inspect the contents of the cupboards. 

Each cupboard comes with adjustable feet for levelling. 

Drawers have a heavy duty slide system giving 100% extension and a capacity of 70kg.

The drawers offer a range of dividers and can be fitted with an optional anti tilt mechanism.

Wide range of Colour Choices


Size H.W.D                         Description                               Code

1800.1050.650.                     Vision Door Cupboard               C6MSV181065X

1800.1050.650                      Solid Door Cupboard                 C6MSS181065X



100mm Deep Drawer                                              C6MSDRW100DX

150mm Deep Drawer                                              C6MSDRW150DX

200mm Deep Drawer                                              C6MSDRW200DX

Tool Panel (Tools not included)                                C6MSTOOLPANX

Louvre Panel                                                          C6MSLOUVREPX

Dual panel (Tool/louvre)                                           C6MSDUALPANX

Noticeboard Panel                                                  C6MSNOTICEBX

Shelf                                                                     C6MSSHELFXXX