Vetro glass partitioning is a range of fully glazed commercial quality products for open and aesthetically pleasing work-spaces. Available in either single or double-glazed panels and doors, both with and without customization, Vetro provides the perfect solution for modern office interiors.

Vetro Glass Partition System

glass office partition uk

The aesthetic properties of Vetro make work environments feel stylish and fluid.

It offers attractive physical properties such as an acoustic rating and clear aesthetic views.

It provides offices the privacy they require.

lattice style glass partition

Single glazed panels have an acoustic rating of 39 dB, whilst double-glazed panels are 47 dB.

curved glass partition installation

Specialist artwork and logos can be printed onto the glass for your branding requirements.

The factory can offer frameless glazing systems, available in either single glazed or double-glazed, including doors. This attractive range creates an open appearance for offices, reception areas and work areas but retains privacy, especially when designed for acoustic performance. Joints between sheets of toughened, 10 or 12 mm, safety glass can be either silicone or clear plastic jointing sections.

Glass Door options

modern glass doors

  • Hinged with a frame
  • Hinged without a frame and pivoted at head and floor
  • Single or double Latch lock or spring hinged
  • Single glazed or double-glazed with seal
  • Sliding doors –single or bi-parting are available

glass double doors

Glass Accessories

Manifestation for safety and aesthetics, either standard designs or customized including customer logos etc.

glazed partition manifestations

  • Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Sliding hatches
  • Mirrored finish
  • Curved glazing

As well as Glass office partitions, we can supply Single and Double skin steel partition as well as clean rooms and Mesh walls.

Please contact Merlin Industrial  with your requirements.