A wide range of waste skips in Steel and plastic, available in three main versions with many capacities. Base emptying, roll forward skips and plastic tipping skips.  The new plastic buckets are ideal in preventing corrosion from wet waste and extend the skips lifetime immeasurably.

Base Emptying Waste Stillages

Base Emptying Waste Stillages

  • Allows safe fork lift transportation / disposal of waste
  • One man operation
  • Operator stays on forklift throughout operation
  • Optional blue, red, green colours
  • Braked Castors for ease of movement, off-truck, or final positioning, 100 mm diameter Cast Iron or Nylon
  • Lifting Lugs for crane or hoist
  • Lids to protect the waste from the elements

ADB base emptying bins

Download or view the Bottom Emptying Skips – available in three sizes.

Roll Forward Skip On Legs With A Plastic Bucket

roll forward plastic tipping skip

Model RFSP11L

This roll forward skip uses a rotationally moulded polyethylene bucket which is attached to a painted steel chassis on legs, is fitted with a safety chain and discharge handle, and is designed to withstand day to day use in application such as those found in the construction industry.

 Length:1795 mm
Width:1740 mm
Height:1192 mm
Tare Weight:210 kg
Nominal Volume:1.1 m²
Max Load:1000 kg

Download the RFSP11L Data sheet here

Polyethylene /Plastic Skip

Designed for the food industry and available with a choice of crane lift or forklift attachments.

cranelift 333litre tip skip

plastic forklift or crane lift tipping skip

Heavy-duty push, crane lift or fork lift tipping skip

333 litre capacity wheeled tipping skip

Fits through a standard door frame, and has fitted pushing handles, fork channels and trolley wheels.

Ideal for food industry/engineering waste movement, also suitable for carrying construction waste.

Specification Sheet for 333 litre Plastic Tipping Skip

Crane Lift Model Length 1375 mm, Width 785 mm, Height 1200 mm

Fork Lift Model Length 1375 mm, Width 785 mm, Height 1110 mm

Capacity 333 litres. Weight 116 kg
Fits through standard 32″ door

Standard Lead time is 2 weeks

Galvanised Roll Forward Skips

Also, available in a painted version to save costs.

Roll Forward Skip

  • Allows safe fork lift transportation / disposal of waste
  • One man operation
  • Sturdy construction with heavy-duty fork pockets
  • Manufactured from 3 mm or heavy duty (HD models) 5 mm Steel plate
  • Maximum fork size 150 x 60 mm
  • Roll Forward Skips with lids available POA
Roll Forward Skip Dimensions

View or Download the Roll Forward Skip Documentation